A Complete Study On Blister packaging Market

The Global blister packaging market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR during the forecast period. Increasing focus towards patient compliance and medicine adherence is expected to be one of the prime drivers for the growth of blister packaging market during the forecast period. Rapid growth in prescription and over-the-counter drugs market is leading to an increased demand for blister packaging thus augmenting the blister packaging market size in the coming years.

global blister packaging market size

Blister Packaging Market Analysis By Type

vBy type, the global blister packaging market is segmented as compartment, slide, and wallet. Compartment type held a major share of blister packaging market size, i.e., 58.52% in 2018 owing to its widespread use in industries such as healthcare, food, and retail industry. In developing the region, the demand for slide and compartment type blister packs is poised to grow at a substantial rate due to the growing retail sector in the countries like China, Japan, India, and etc. on account of improving the economic condition and rising disposable income of the growing population. The wallet type blister packaging is estimated to grow at the fastest rate over the forecast period due to its growing adoption of blister wallets in clinical trials, drug promotion, and pharmaceutical packaging.

Blister Packaging Market Analysis by End User

By end-user, the global blister packaging market is segmented as food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods. Pharmaceutical segment is expected to hold a dominant share in blister packaging market size and is anticipated to be one of the fastest-growing segment during the forecast period on account of expanding pharmaceutical industry and growing investment in healthcare sector around the globe. In addition, blister packaging market trend is currently favoring food segment which is projected to grow at the significant rate owing to rising health awareness among consumer coupled with increasing demand for nutritious food packed in the advance form of packaging including blister.

Blister packaging market analysis by Geography

By geography, the global blister packaging market has been segmented as North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, and Asia Pacific blister packaging market is dominating the blister packaging market size, constituting 41.07% share in 2018 on account of increasing disposable income and growing manufacturing industry in countries like China and India. Furthermore, improving the economic environment and stability in many countries within the region is further anticipated to favor the blister packaging market trend during the forecast period.

global blister packaging market share

In Europe, Blister packaging is well-established in the region since it is widely used for solid-dosage forms. In the region, more than 80% of all solids are packed in non-re-closable packages (blisters) due to high-level of protection, longer shelf life, hygiene and patient compliance provided by this kind of packaging .

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