Field Mobility Solutions Market : Market Coverage By Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence

The field mobility solutions market is projected to witness a compound annual growth rate of 13.21% during the forecast period, reaching a total market size of US$73.103 billion in 2023 from US$32.382 billion in 2017 .

field mobility solutions market size

The lack of skilled workforce needed to operate the field mobility solutions might put a restraint on the growth prospects of this market to some extent. Moreover, rapid technological advancements and continuous innovations taking place in the field of mobile connectivity owing to the heavy investments into R&D are expected to provide lucrative opportunities for further growth in the field mobility solutions market.
Geographically, the North American region is estimated to hold a significant share in the market due to the early adoption of latest mobile and internet technologies as well as near-complete mobile penetration in the market. Asia Pacific region is expected to be the highest growing among all the markets owing to rapidly rising mobile and internet penetration across these economies, especially China and India, as well as growing adoption of automation across end-use industries. 

Rising Penetration of Mobile Devices :

he growing penetration of mobile and portable computing devices like smartphones and tablet PCs is expected to spur a growth in the field mobility solutions market in the forecast period. Field mobility is about empowering the business workforce operating in the field with state-of-the-art technological solutions like mobile devices, wireless connectivity and a cloud-based field services management software and giving them access to all the resources and data in order to execute their business objectives in an efficient manner, thus increasing the overall productivity and reducing the operating costs significantly. Growing number of mobile devices such as smartphones and mobile tablets has fueled the adoption of field mobility solutions by businesses, especially small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs), because of the huge cost advantage they provide and hence, acted as a major driver in the field mobility solutions market all across the globe. 

field mobility solutions market share

According to the data from World Bank, as illustrated in the chart above, mobile penetration is highest in Europe and Americas, followed by Asia Pacific and Middle-east and Africa regions. The growth is fastest in Asia Pacific, especially in China and India where more and more people are gaining access to smartphone and mobile internet connectivity every day. Entry of Reliance Jio in Indian in the year 2016 disrupted the whole mobile internet connectivity market, reducing the prices heavily, which in turn, fueled the demand for more smartphones and other mobile devices. Apple continues to be the leader in global smartphone revenues, followed by Samsung.

Field Mobility Solutions Market By Devices:

By devices, the field mobility solutions market is segment into smartphones, tablets, PC/laptop and other devices. Tablets hold a significant share in this market and the growth of the market in this segment is attributed to rising investments by various rugged tablet manufacturers into research and development in order to enhance their durability, reliability and functionalities. Smartphones are also witnessing a good growth in this segment. Proliferation of smartphones especially in developing countries is increasing their use among professionals in field services. PCs and laptops, on account of lesser mobility offered by them as compared to other devices, are witnessing a slower growth in this market.

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field mobility solutions market size

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